Wu Style Tai Chi Chuan


Stephen began his journey into martial arts in 1988. After several years of Karate and Aikido, he found Sifu Martin Kennedy in 1995, and started his journey with [http:www.wustyle.com]Wu Style Tai Chi Chuan . Stephen became a disciple of Sifu Martin Kennedy 2002, and has been a certified instructor since 2012.

Join Stephen, a certified Wu Style Instructor, in discovering the benefits of Tai Chi in the set of four, 2 hour sessions. No previous experience required. These four introductory sessions can introduce you to some of the health benefits, such as improving balance, awareness, and the basics of the hand form.

  • Tai Chi Chuan Basic Principles
  • 12 Forms (a subset of the full 108 Forms)
  • 5 Warm-up Exercises Basic Tai Chi Walking (forward
    & backward

This class is $15 drop-in fee per 2hr session.

Memberships are required to participate. If you wish to try it for the first time you do not need the membership for the 1st day.

If you are interested in registering for these classes, please show up 15 minutes prior to class time